Stirling due hole lot of money for road repairs

Stirling due hole lot of money for road repairs

Stirling due hole lot of money for road repairs

Mid Scotland and Fife MSP, Dean Lockhart MSP called on the Scottish Government to provide Stirling council with its share of the nearly £50 million (48.6m) they received from the UK Government as a result of Westminster creating its ‘Pothole fund’ in 2020.

The £2.5 billion roads “pothole fund” was created to help English local authorities with their repairs backlog. As a result of the Barnet Formula that allocates an agreed proportion of funding created by the UK Government to the devolved administrations some 48.6million is  therefore allocated for Scotland and is passed to the Scottish Government to dispense to Local Authorities here.

Issues and complaints relating to the state of the Stirling area road network are among the most numerous received by the MSP.

Mr Lockhart has written to Finance Secretary Kate Forbes and Transport Secretary Michael Matheson to ask for evidence that this ring fenced money was passed on to local authorities and for a commitment that future allocations will be.

Stirling Council have not received any of the funding to date. The Council have also disclosed their budget allocation for reactive repairs over the past three years. This budget is used to address a number of road related matters, not just pothole repairs and it has shrunk over the past three years by over a quarter of a million pounds.

Dean Lockhart MSP said:

"The number one issue raised by constituents during my time as an MSP has been the state of local roads.

"Some of Stirling’s roads, from Cambuskenneth and Riverside in the town all the way up to Tyndrum in the north, is terrible. The complaints are the same for many areas.

"With delays caused to repairs during two lockdown periods it is now even more important that every penny available is used to get our roads back into a fit state urgently. That is why this money due to Stirling Council must be received and not disappear into the Scottish Governments coffers for some of their pet projects.

"It is appalling that the one budget the Council’s Roads Service has to call upon for this vital work as well as many other issues has actually got smaller. The current SNP led Council administration have yet again failed to address the issues that really matter to the people that pay their wages."