Stirling commuters to be hit by Car Park Tax

Stirling commuters to be hit by Car Park Tax

Stirling commuters to be hit by Car Park Tax

A car park tax introduced in Glasgow or Edinburgh would impact more than 2,600 car journeys across the Stirling Council area, according to official figures.

Analysis from Scotland’s most recent census shows that 2,686 car and van work journeys are made into the two cities from Stirling every day.

People living in the Stirling area would therefore have no say on the imposition of a car park tax set by Glasgow or Edinburgh, but would still be in line to pay it if they commuted to either of those cities.

The decision to give local authorities the ability to implement a car parking levy was proposed as part of the SNP Scottish Government’s budget deal with the Greens, and will be introduced as an amendment to the Transport Bill at Holyrood in the coming weeks.

Stirling Council leaders have voiced concern about the introduction of the levy in the Stirling area, but have failed to acknowledge the potential impact on residents who commute.

Mid-Scotland and Fife MSP Dean Lockhart has said that the tax should be dropped as soon as possible.

Dean Lockhart MSP said:

‘’The SNP have claimed that there is nothing to see here when it comes to the car park tax. How out of touch can they possibly be?

‘’These shocking figures show that commuters in Stirling will be hit by the SNP’s car park tax, regardless of whether Stirling Council decides to implement it in the local area.

‘’That’s thousands of people in Stirling doing the right thing, going to work, and being punished by the SNP for the effort.

“When public transport is so bad, leaving with no option but to take the car, it is a total disgrace.

‘’There’s been no consultation and no thought put into this absurd tax.

‘’For everybody’s sakes, the SNP should listen for once and bin it now.”



The figures above are found in a 2014 analysis of travel to work flows between Local Authority areas in Scotland, conducted by Edinburgh City Council. The link is here, with figures for car and van work journeys on page 44:

The figures for Stirling are as follows:

Total car and van journeys: 21,233

Glasgow: 1,874
City of Edinburgh: 812