Stirling businesses lose out

Stirling businesses lose out

Stirling businesses lose out

The number of Stirling businesses winning work from Stirling Council has decreased by more than a third over the last decade, according to a new report.

Official figures, published by the Improvement Service, showed that despite the total local spend increasing by 7 per cent since 2008, the change in the number of local suppliers used by the local authority was down 32 per cent over the decade.

The report also shows that the Stirling Council’s current share of procurement spend outside of Scotland stands at 27% of overall spend.

Dean Lockhart MSP said that the statistics show the need for a re-balancing of the local Stirling economy towards supporting the wide range of local businesses wherever possible, and linked these trends in procurement spend to a struggling local economy.

Dean Lockhart MSP said:

’’These statistics make for worrying reading for local businesses.

‘’The simple fact is that we know that money which is spent in the local economy has a tendency to stay local, and we need to recognise that utilising the fantastic range of small businesses in Stirling can have benefits for the wider community.

‘’Recent trends, from a declining high-street and a struggling local economy, have begun to bring home the importance of supporting our small businesses.

‘’I believe that there is a political will to get more cash spent locally to re-vitalise the Stirling economy and reversing the drift away from using local businesses for public sector contracts will go some way to addressing these issues.’’