SNP's car park tax shambles

SNP's car park tax shambles

SNP’s car park tax shambles

Mid-Scotland and Fife MSP Dean Lockhart has said that the SNP’s plan to tax people simply for travelling to work ‘’could fall apart before it’s even begun’’.

The workplace parking levy, was announced in the Scottish budget last week.

Since the announcement of the policy in Holyrood last week, the proposal has been widely criticised by businesses and motoring groups.

And, aside from an exemption for NHS staff, no details have been revealed- even though it formed a central plank of the agreement reached between the SNP and the Greens.

Dean Lockhart MSP said if ministers cannot offer urgent clarification on the levy, and its impact on Stirling’s businesses, workers and the council, they should drop it altogether.

Among the question marks around the scheme are whether or not teachers will be excluded, if it applies to blue badge holders and emergency service workers, and if small businesses will be supported with a form of relief.

Clarity is also needed for those living in rural areas across the Stirling area, who often have no choice but to drive to work.

It is also emerged that Stirling’s MSP Bruce Crawford, previously opposed the introduction of a workplace parking tax in 2000 stating ‘’we were never convinced that workplace charging was the way forward.’’

Dean Lockhart MSP said:

‘’It is blatantly obvious this knee-jerk experiment has been dreamed up in a hurry, and there’s basically no detail at all.

‘’If the SNP Government cannot answer the many questions about the implementation of this policy, the tax could fall apart before it has begun.

‘’Businesses and workers in Mid-Scotland and Fife need urgent clarification on what this new tax means for their future.

‘’This is a deeply unpopular idea, and one which will hit the finances of businesses across the area and their hard-working staff.

‘’Instead of lumping yet more levies on the people of Scotland, the SNP Government should be looking at ways to help them thrive.

‘’Stirling's MSP must immediately explain to his constituents why he has changed his mind on the tax, and whether he will sit back and allow a policy to be imposed which he himself recognises as being deeply flawed.’’