SNP Programme for Government fails to impress

SNP Programme for Government fails to impress

SNP Programme for Government fails to impress

The SNP’s Programme for Government 2018 is a legislative agenda from an SNP Government which is tired, running out of ideas and out of its depth.

They’re so distracted from the task at hand that they haven’t even managed to deliver many of the big, headline grabbing announcements from the previous year.

In my own area of the economy, the people of Scotland have seen promise after promise being broken.

The 2016 Programme for Government, the FM announced the Scottish Growth Scheme as a half a billion pounds vote of confidence in Scottish business.

However, more than two years later, not a single loan has been granted to Scottish business.

In its 2016 manifesto, the SNP promised not to raise the basic rate of income tax however we now have more than a million people in Scotland paying more tax as result of this SNP broken promise.

The SNP also promised to increase productivity in Scotland to the first quartile, yet a damning report today highlights that Scotland is still in the third division.

There are only two new economic measures announced in the programme and both lack credibility.

First the National Export Plan, which has funding support of only £7 million a year, shows up the real limitations of the SNP’s ambitions when it comes to growing our export base.

Secondly the new Economic Action Plan, deemed so important that the initiative is hidden as a footnote on page 46 of the document.

Once again all we see from the SNP is spin and no substance.

This inaction and lack of urgency could not come at a worse time.

As a Conservative, I believe that agenda must start with the economy.

Scotland’s official economic forecaster, the Scottish Fiscal Commission, warned earlier this year that Scotland faces five years of “subdued” growth – the longest sustained period of low growth since the Second World War.

Now is not the time for a programme for government which fails on every level to address the problems which face the Scottish economy.