Scrap the unfair car park tax

Scrap the unfair car park tax

Scrap the unfair car park tax

Details have now emerged about the SNP’s Car Park Tax and it is bad news for people across Mid-Scotland and Fife who commute to Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The amendment to the Transport Bill which will implement the tax has now been published and while it includes an exemption for NHS staff, teachers, police officers and private sector workers will not automatically be exempt from the £500 annual fee to park at work.

Although councils such as Stirling and Fife Councils have ruled out implementing the charge for employers here, both SNP run Edinburgh and Glasgow Councils have indicated their support for the measure.

Analysis from Scotland’s most recent census shows that 2,686 car and van work journeys are made into the two cities from Stirling, and 8,770 from Fife, every day and would be faced with an annual charge of up to £500.

Mid-Scotland and Fife MSP has called on the Scottish Government to scrap the unfair charge, which would hit hard-working commuters across the region in the pocket.

Dean Lockhart MSP said:

‘’Both Stirling Council and Fife Council have moved to rule out the unfair charge, and they were right to do so.

‘’However, if as expected, Edinburgh and Glasgow Councils adopt this measure it will still affect thousands of my constituents across the region who commute by car into Scotland’s two major cities.

‘’The SNP car tax will hit hard-working families in the pocket for simply trying to make ends meet by driving to their work.

‘’Now it has been revealed that teachers and teaching assistants won’t be exempt, meaning they will be charged the same as those working in a city on mega salaries.

“What might work in a city, where people have the option to take public transport to work, many people in parts of the Mid-Scotland and Fife have to drive to work. Once again, the SNP are showing themselves unable to understand life outside Glasgow.

“This is a policy which is unfair and should be scrapped immediately.”