Rule out Car Park Tax

Rule out Car Park Tax

Rule out Car Park Tax

Dean Lockhart MSP has joined forces with Stirling Council Conservative group leader Cllr Neil Benny in calling for Stirling Council to rule out implementing a Workplace Parking Levy.

The call comes following the passage of the Transport Bill at the Scottish Parliament, which the Scottish Conservatives opposed.

The politicians have called the move to give local authorities the power to implement a levy on workplace parking spaces, a key measure in the bill, a ‘tax on jobs which will hit the poorest workers hardest.

Mr Lockhart and Cllr Benny met at Castle Business Park in Stirling to discuss how such a charge would affect Stirling residents.

In Stirling businesses in the Castle Business Park, on the prudential campus as well as Stirling University and Forth valley College could all incur significant charges for those who work there.

Dean Lockhart MSP said:

“The SNP have overreached themselves with this tax which will have a very bad impact on businesses and workers.

‘’To penalise people for going to their work is simply wrong and we must make workplaces more accessible for workers and not less so.”

Cllr Neil Benny said:

‘’Stirling Council must rule out using this regressive and hated tax.

‘’The Council Leader should distance himself from this damaging tax on work and stand up for workers and businesses in Stirling and promise not to use the tax.

‘’People need certainty and a statement from him ruling it out would be very welcome.’’