Politicians call time on BT

Politicians call time on BT

Politicians call time on BT

Mid Scotland and Fife MSP Dean Lockhart and Cllr Jeremy McDonald have today called for BT to take immediate action to upgrade the telephone exchange in Crianlarich.

The call follows at least 20 incidents in 2017 alone where the village is cut off from all telephone communications for an hour or longer.

This includes access to the emergency 999 and 111 systems which the politicians say is especially dangerous and could result in a delay to emergency response times.

The site of the exchange also suffers from overheating and has recently been fitted with powerful fans which omit a loud humming sound when activated.

BT engineers have been visiting the exchange on a regular basis in an attempt to improve reliability but have admitted to residents that a permanent solution to the outages can only be found once the exchange is upgraded.

Cllr McDonald and Mr Lockhart have had some recent success dealing with the village’s intermittent water supply and are now urging BT to follow Scottish Water’s lead in investing in Crianlarich’s infrastructure for the safety and convenience of the community.

Councillor McDonald said:

"In 2018 this is not only unacceptable but cutting off 999 calls is extremely dangerous and I urge BT to upgrade the exchange urgently.

‘’This would also bring a welcome improvement in Broadband speeds which is some compensation for Crianlarich being omitted from the Superfast Broadband Rollout this year."

Dean Lockhart MSP said:

‘’The situation in Crianlarich is now very severe with constant outages causing significant disruption to the lives of the residents.

‘’The fact that the village can be without access to 999 for up to an hour is frankly dangerous and could have disastrous consequences.

‘’To their credit the residents of Crianlarich have been very patient under the circumstances but enough is enough.

‘’Time for BT to accept their responsibilities and urgently fix the exchange.’’