MSP and MP work together to promote apprenticeships

MSP and MP work together to promote apprenticeships

MSP and MP work together to promote apprenticeships

Dean Lockhart MSP and Stephen Kerr MP have together highlighted the benefits that apprenticeships can have for Stirling businesses.

In a letter addressed to businesses across the Stirling area, Dean Lockhart MSP emphasised the importance of apprenticeships as a flexible way to develop their workforce and address skills gaps. The letter included information on the range of apprenticeship courses available at both College and Universities and how businesses and get involved.

Stirling MP, Stephen Kerr, has been involved with Skills Development Scotland and Developing the Young Workforce in promoting the three apprenticeship programmes.

Foundation Apprenticeships provide training to Higher level over two years for secondary school pupils as they prepare to move into  the world of work`. Modern Apprenticeships are for new or existing employees  and is work based with some college based training while Graduate Apprenticeships will enable employees to gain qualifications up to Degree level at college or university. They provide a new way into degree-level study for individuals who are currently employed, or who want to go straight into work.

Stephen and Dean want to raise awareness amongst businesses about the benefits that the three apprenticeship schemes can bring to employers.

Forth Valley College have recently exceeded their target for the number of Modern Apprenticeship places. Since 2017 the college has almost doubled their capacity  in Modern Apprenticeships. The college’s Apprenticeship Family – Foundation, Modern and Graduate Apprenticeships – has recently grown from strength to strength, and this year FVC will also be one of the largest Foundation Apprenticeship practitioners in the Country.

Dean Lockhart MSP said:

‘’Stirling is home to many cutting edge businesses, large and small, who would benefit from employing an apprentice to diversify their workforce and drive new innovations.

For too long, vocational education has been seen as the poor relation to traditional academic routes. Increasingly it is the most effective way for young people to get ahead.’’

Stephen Kerr MP said:

‘’There are some brilliant opportunities available and I want as many or our businesses engaged in these schemes as possible.

‘’We are fortunate to have a great college and university that are keen to work with our local businesses and I urge employers to find out about these  apprenticeships that could really help them grow a well-trained, ambitious workforce.’’