Move at Scottish Parliament to halt Stirling Bin Cuts

Move at Scottish Parliament to halt Stirling Bin Cuts

Move at Scottish Parliament to halt Stirling Bin Cuts

Mid Scotland MSP, Dean Lockhart,  has launched a motion at the Scottish Parliament seeking support from MSPs to halt the controversial cuts to bind collections being implemented across the Stirling Council area.

The motion has so far gathered the support of 22 MSPs

Scottish Conservatives Councillors with the support of Mr Lockhart have been campaigning to have the move to monthly grey and blue bin collections stopped every since the SNP/Labour administration at the council pushed them through without any consultation last year. Since then despite a 6000 signature petition, special votes being called and a motion of no confidence lodged in their administration they have ignored the outcry and persisted.

This month sees the new skeleton service finally introduced.

The only other Council in Scotland to do the same, Falkirk, has seen their recycling rates fall and fly tipping reports increase by nearly 500.

Dean Lockhart MSP: 

Make no mistake the spin  the SNP & Labour Councillors are pushing that this will improve recycling is a con.

This is all about saving money by cutting a fundamental service rather than addressing why Stirling Council’s bin collections are, by far, the most expensive in Scotland with costs set to rise further despite these cuts.

Despite evidence and warnings from national organisations they are arrogantly persisting. There was no choice but to seek the support of other MSPs to try and inject some much needed common sense.

Motion Number: S6M-01313
Lodged By: Dean Lockhart
Date Lodged: 21/09/2021

Title: Reductions in Bin Collections in Stirling

Motion Text:

That the Parliament expresses its concerns regarding the changes to waste collection services in the Stirling Council area; understands that the changes, which are to be implemented at the end of September 2021, will introduce a reduction in the collection of non-recyclable waste and some recyclable to once every four weeks; believes that the local authority's waste transformation project was introduced with little consultation with residents and despite a petition against the changes that attracted more than 6,000 signatures; understands that the British Pest Control Association has expressed concern that any reduction in waste collection services risks an increase in pests, and calls on Stirling Council to halt this plan immediately.

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