Improving broadband in Mid-Scotland and Fife

Improving broadband in Mid-Scotland and Fife

Improving broadband in Mid-Scotland and Fife

Many people in our rural communities continue to have trouble with slow, ineffective broadband. Poor or non-existent broadband limits economic as well as community growth in these areas.

I have worked hard with a number of local communities to secure better rural broadband provision and have helped countless individuals with broadband problems. But we need to see more progress being made.

Both the UK and Scottish Governments have an important role to play in improving broadband access and I continue to place pressure on both for faster delivery.

Communities can also play an important part in making sure their voice is heard.

I recently witnessed a great example of community action when attending the launch of the Balquhidder Community Broadband project a few weeks ago.

This entirely community driven broadband project will now deliver some of the fastest broadband throughout the UK at half the cost of the equivalent commercial service. By the end of this year the scheme will deliver broadband access to all 197 premises in the area including many rural-based businesses.

However, more needs to be done.

The UK Government has delivered by creating the universal service obligation and has also worked hard to force mobile phone providers to improve reception in black spots across Scotland.

However, the Scottish Government also has a role to play in achieving better connectivity for all.

Greater funds need to be made available and I have long argued that the Community Broadband Scotland scheme should be opened up to individual households, charities and businesses, not just community groups.

The SNP is simply not delivering on broadband, leaving people across Mid-Scotland and Fife without basic connectivity.

People across Mid-Scotland and Fife deserve better and I will be campaigning to make sure they get the broadband services they deserve.