Getting on with the day job

Getting on with the day job

Getting on with the day job

On Saturday, I was out and about in Bannockburn with my colleague Stephen Kerr MP and local councillors listening to the concerns of the local residents.

As elected representatives, it is important that we listen to the issues which have a direct impact on the lives of our constituents and some of the issues raised on the doorstep included access to GP services, local schools and concerns about the state of Stirling's roads.

At the same time, the SNP were causing disruption and chaos in Stirling by marching down the road with the likes of the ethnic nationalist group Siol Nan Gaidheal agitating for a second independence referendum and ignoring the real concerns of the Scottish people.

The Scottish Conservatives will continue to get on with the day job of listening and representing our constituents, and suggest that the SNP do the same.


Out in Bannockburn with Dean Lockhart MSP

Getting on with the day job: Out and about in Bannockburn proper today with Dean Lockhart MSP. Looking forward to the gala after the street surgery!

Posted by Stephen Kerr MP for Stirling on Saturday, 23 June 2018