Fire service concerns raised at Holyrood

Fire service concerns raised at Holyrood

Fire service concerns raised at Holyrood

Mid-Scotland and Fife MSP Dean Lockhart has today raised fire coverage concerns in Stirling in the Scottish Parliament.

Mr Lockhart used a General Question to ask the Scottish Government Minister for Public Safety, Ash Denham MSP, about reports in the local press that the city’s second appliance had been ‘’off the run’’ no fewer than 50 times this year.

As reported in the Stirling Observer, a whistle-blower claimed that: ‘’We don’t have the tools to do the job and it is only a matter of time before somebody gets hurt.’’

The Minster for Public Safety responded that operational matters are the concern of the Fire Service and referred to a perceived shortfall in VAT receipts being passed from the UK Government to the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

Speaking after the event Dean Lockhart MSP said:

‘’I was disappointed that instead of engaging about this most serious of issues for the people of Stirling, the minister chose to resort to party political point scoring.

‘’The fact is that if a person within the fire service has taken it upon themselves to make these concerns public, in doing so risking their own reputation and that of their colleagues, then there must be a serious concern.

‘’I find this attitude from the SNP to be frankly shameful, and the people of Stirling will not be impressed with this dismissive attitude taken by their representatives.

‘’I will continue to raise issues of importance to my constituents at Holyrood, and I suggest that other elected representatives remember that issues such as fire coverage are so important that they deserve to be treated with respect.’’

You can view the exchange below.