Billion pound Barnett bonus for Scotland

Billion pound Barnett bonus for Scotland

Billion pound Barnett bonus for Scotland

Scotland is on course to receive a billion pound bonus from the UK as a result of Barnett consequentials from the UK Government’s National Productivity Investment Fund.

The Scottish Government confirmed the figures in a written answer to Scottish Conservative MSP Dean Lockhart.

The answer states that Scotland has already received £110 million and is set to receive £206 this year, rising to £312 and £370 in the years to 2019 and 2020. The total Barnett bonus will be one billion pounds by 2021.

Earlier this week the SNP made a number of spending promises designed to boost productivity in the programme for government.

Scottish productivity continues to stagnate and is at a lower level than it was in 2010.


Shadow Cabinet Secretary for the Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Dean Lockhart MSP said:

“Yet again the SNP has taken money from the UK to fund its pet projects and eye-catching freebies and dressed it up as nationalist largesse.

“The SNP has totally failed to tackle the problem of low productivity in Scotland or the 11-year stagnation of the Scottish economy.

“The SNP’s obsessive short-termism is damaging the Scottish economy.

“No amount of money can hide that this tired and divided SNP government is out of ideas.

''Scotland's poor economic performance is nothing to do with lack of money, it's how the SNP are choosing to spend it.''