A strong economy

A strong economy

A strong economy

Only the Scottish Conservatives are focused on giving Scotland a strong economy to attract the migrants that we need. The SNP have done the complete opposite making Scotland the highest taxed part of the UK to grow a business.

Support for Scotland's economy is badly needed.

The independent Scottish Fiscal Commission (SFC) updated their economic forecasts last week, revising down estimates of Scotland’s tax revenue, GDP growth and wage growth.

Scottish GDP growth will continue to lag behind UK growth for the next five years. The Scottish Fiscal Commission revised down forecasts, showing that Scottish GDP growth will be below 1 per cent for each of the next five years.

The SNP narrowly avoided causing a ‘Scotland-specific economic shock’. A Scotland-specific economic shock occurs if annual Scottish GDP growth is both below one per cent, and one percentage point below GDP growth in the UK. The new SFC reports showed that Scotland met the first criteria, and was only 0.1 per cent away from meeting the second criteria.

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