£250 million for potholes

£250 million for potholes

£250 million for potholes

Stirling’s crumbling roads could be patched up by using a portion of a £250 million windfall coming from the UK Government, Dean Lockhart MSP has said.

Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak has today pledged up to £2.5 billion fixing potholes across England.

As a direct result of this decision, the Scottish Government will receive around £250 million.

Dean Lockhart MSP has demanded that this cash be ring-fenced in full and placed into a central pothole fund from which local authorities could apply for cash to fix problems on their roads.

Recent data from a Freedom of Information request has shown that there were 1972 potholes identified on Stirling’s roads in 2019, 1045 more than the previous year’s total of 927.

Stirling Council manages a road network of 632 miles, meaning that last year there were 3.1 potholes per mile of road in the authority’s area.

Dean Lockhart MSP said:

‘’Campaigning across Stirling, the terrible state of the roads is clear to see.

‘’It is the number one issue on the doorsteps when I speak to local people about their priorities.

‘’Now, thanks to UK Government spending, there is a chance to change that.

‘’Over £250 million in Barnett consequentials coming from the UK budget to fix potholes should go a long way in sorting out our roads.

‘’If the nationalists are serious about finally solving the pothole problem across Scotland, including Stirling, then it will pass this cash on to do exactly that.’’